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Erectile dysfunction is a painful issue for a lot of men today. Failure in sexual intercourse or low sexual activity leads to lack of confidence in relationships. Moreover problems in sexual life may effect negatively career as men suffering from sexual failures can’t concentrate on their work.

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Considering the importance of the problem, medicine and science have been working together to discover effective and safe erectile dysfunction treatment. As a result a great variety of erectile dysfunction drugs are offered at the market today. The most popular are Viagra in all its versions, Levitra and Cialis. All of them are equally safe and have their own benefits. The side effects they may occur are usually not serious however there are certain contraindications and interactions when taking these erectile dysfunction drugs is strictly forbidden.

Along with the brand versions of mentioned above medications, there are generic ones, as for example Kamagra pills – a generic version of Viagra. Generic medications are equally safe and effective as brand drugs as FDA strictly controls the dosage of active ingredients in generic drugs. Nevertheless brand medications are always more expensive than generic ones.

For today there are plenty of possibilities to buy Viagra, Cialis or Levitra online without a prescription. Of course it makes life easier. However do not hurry up to order Viagra, Cialis or Levitra online no matter brand or generic version unless you are not sure it won’t effect negatively your organism. Consult your health care provider first!